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High Res Download-
One-Time Public Showing *---
Private Showings **---
Includes Associated Screencasts---
Pricing ***$12$18$60$10 / Viewer

* Public Showing: i.e. A user group meeting. A free event open to the public. 50 viewers or fewer.

** Private Showings: i.e. A company meeting. Events hosted by business with licensed attendees.

*** Pricing: Pricing is based on featured episodes. Prices on videos may vary. Business Licenses require at least 10 viewers.

Personal License

You're just a guy (or gal) and you want to watch the video. You don't want to pay to own a hi-res copy that you can view at your convenience. You are happy to be tied to the net while the show streams down at your connection rate. Great. We think that's groovy. But there are a few rules

  • You are the only person who can watch it. You can't bring your buddies over to watch it with you. You can't watch it with your significant other. (OK, you can, but you mayn't. Besides, would they want to?)
  • You can't make a recording of the video by using a screen capture or some other clever technique like that. I mean, really?
  • You can't sell the license to anyone else (for a penny, or any other price.) You, and only you, are licensed to watch the video. Nyah, nyah.

Download License

Oh! So you'd like to own a copy of the video eh? Maybe you want to load it on your phone and watch it on the train, or in bed, or...Well we don't have to go there... uh...) OK, so here's the deal. We'll let you download our videos for a small extra charge.But, there are some rules. (When aren't there?)

  • All the rules of the Personal license still apply.
  • You can't show the video to anyone else. You can watch it as much as you like, but if somebody else comes by you have to turn it off and shoo them away. I mean, why should they get to watch something that YOU paid for?
  • You can't give the video file to anyone else. Not on a thumb drive, not in a tweet, not in an email, not on your feet. You must not share the video ma'am, you must not share it Sam-I-am.
  • Oh yeah, and you can't upload it where someone can get it. No bit torrents! No Limewire. None of those nifty sharing sites. No, no. Uh, uh!. You can make backup copies that you control, but keep 'em to yourself John.

Community License

So you want to show it to your user group, eh? That's fine. We like user groups. Really we do. And so, for a small fee, we'll allow you to show it to the members of your user group. No problem. But there are, of course, some more rules.

  • All the rules of the Download and Personal licenses apply to you.
  • You can't use this license if you are a business, or a software team, or any other commercial entity. This ought to be obvious, but people are able to rationalize just about anything. So if you want these videos to show to your team, you buy the business license. You don't figure out some devious way to claim that you are a user group. The point of the Community license is to help -- er -- communities, not businesses. Follow?
  • You may show it once. Not twice. Not thrice. Thou mayest show it only once, and the number of thy showings shall be one. If you want to show it more than once, you have to pay for it again. Get it?
  • You can show it to fifty people or less. I know, I know, this brings up the whole problem of 51. We're sorry about that. We really are. But what are we to do? I mean, we've got to put some kind of a limit on it don't we? Look, if you've got 51, you just have to buy it twice. That's the deal. It sucks, I know, but...
  • You can show it only outside of normal business hours, whatever they are. This license is to support those people who want to invest their own time in bettering themselves.
  • The meeting where you show it must be open to the public and announced at least a week in advance on some public forum.

Business License

You represent a business who would like to show these videos to its employees. That's great! We love you. We want you to keep coming back for more and more and more videos. So here's the deal. You can download the video, and even give it to your employees so they can view it at their convenience. But there are some simple rules.

  • You will pay our fee for each video and each person who views it. So if you have 10 people and you want to show them 3 videos, you buy 30 licenses. It's pretty easy math. I'm sure you can cope with it.
  • You will instruct your employees that they must adhere to the Download License rules. Right? I mean it would be bad if they took our videos and put them on facebook.
  • You may show the videos you license in a group setting, but only to the people you have licensed to view them.
  • If other people join your company, and you want to give them copies of the video, you must purchase more licenses. These licenses cannot be transferred from employee to employee. For example, if you buy a license for 30 viewers, and then 10 of them quit and you hire 10 more people, you have to buy 10 more licenses if you want them to see the video.
  • You are not a user group. You cannot show the video in a public forum. The licenses you purchase are only for the employees you purchased them for.
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