Personal License

You're just a guy (or gal) and you want to watch the video. You don't want to pay to own a hi-res copy that you can view at your convenience. You are happy to be tied to the net while the show streams down at your connection rate. Great. We think that's groovy. But there are a few rules

Download License

Oh! So you'd like to own a copy of the video eh? Maybe you want to load it on your phone and watch it on the train, or in bed, or... (Well we don't have to go there... uh...) OK, so here's the deal. We'll let you download our videos for a small extra charge. But, there are some rules. (When aren't there?)

Community License

So you want to show it to your user group, eh? That's fine. We like user groups. Really we do. And so, for a small fee, we'll allow you to show it to the members of your user group. No problem. But there are, of course, some more rules.

Business License

You represent a business who would like to show these videos to its employees. That's great! We love you. We want you to keep coming back for more and more and more videos. So here's the deal. You can add users to your organization, and let them use your licenses to watch Clean Coders videos. But there are some simple rules.

Unlimited Licensure

You represent a larger business who would like to show these videos to many employees. Here are all the benefits of an Unlimited License.