Learn how Clean Coders videos can enhance your curriculum and give your students a head-start.

Experience, fast-forwarded.

Our instructors have over half a century of combined experience in the software industry. Infuse into your students this accumulated knowledge in a fraction of that time, with Clean Coders videos.

Complement your curriculum.

The material in Clean Coders videos teaches best-practices in the software industry that complement traditional computer science courses. Enhance your students' education today.

Exams included.

We also offer Exams which allow students to test what they've learned. Progress reports are made available through our convenient web interface.

Why Clean Code matters.

In this 10 minute video, Robert C. Martin explains to managers and executives how the videos at can improve their software development efforts.

License Feature Comparison for Organizations.

Access to Hi-Res Download
Complimentary Screencasts1
Private Company Showings2
Per-User Online Viewing
Per-User Exams3
Team Structuring
Episode Filters
Usage Reports
Co-branding using Company Logo
Discount Pricing for 100+ licenses
Unlimited Viewers per Episode
Price per Episode$14Contact us.
  • 1 All Business Licenses come with any screencasts that the given episode comes with.
  • 2 Private showings are organization-hosted events with only licensed attendees.
  • 3 Exams are currently available for the Clean Code series; exams for other series are coming soon.
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