Uh oh.

The oscilloscope is out! Looks like our intrepid embedded warriors are trying to debug hardware. Nothing good will likely come of that!

Yup! Chuck (the hardware dude) came by and set up a nice little breadboarded circuit that connects the SPI buss to the A/D converter.

In this episode, we investigate the inner workings of that SPI buss, and eventually get the computers on the mesh network reading values from the A/D converter.

At first, things do not go well. I mean, what would you expect when a couple of software guys start fiddling with electronic hardware?

But, never fear, the lads work it all out in the end using software, intuition, speculation, trial and error, and—when all else fails—even reading the manual.

Did I say they worked it all out? Well, not quite. It appears that there is a small matter of a glitch!