SPI Buss Woes

Clean IOT, Episode 3

By Robert C. Martin & James W. Grenning

78 minOct 2017

Um...the scope is still out...

Yeah, they're still trying to figure out this SPI buss thing. There are timing issues, and data corruption issues, and jumper switches, and...

Well, you'll just have to watch to see all the devilment our heroes get into.

They do get it all sorted out though. Well, sort of. I mean, in the end they've got a strategy for getting things working. Chuck, the hardware dude, will likely have to get involved again.

But, the communications pathway works. Data moves all the way from the A/D converter, through the SPI buss, into the nodes, over the SNAP radio mesh network, around the tree, under the log, and into the Linux box.

Oh! And the development environment is starting to get better too. We still need that Portal PC, but for a lot less, now.