Join me and a couple of friends in the first episode of an in-depth look at Acceptance Testing. I'll introduce you to this mysterious, misunderstood and often forgotten but powerful concept.

Come on a tour exploring Cohn's famous 'Testing Pyramid' and learn where Acceptance Tests fit within this magnificent structure.

We'll create our own definitive understanding of the different layers of the pyramid, the various different names and meanings, what they're all for, and how to apply this technical discipline effectively.

We'll cover Unit, Functional, Component, Acceptance System & UI tests to unravel the mysteries of the pyramid. In doing so we'll make a fantastic discovery and see how Acceptance Tests turn out to be completely unique from all other tests in ONE very important way.

With this episode, you'll have all the foundations in place to delve deeper into the specifics of Acceptance Testing in the rest of this series. Learn how Acceptance Testing radically builds upon your existing agile software development processes.