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So, you've figured out which features you need to build. But now you have the problem of deciding which one to do first. And once you've decided, how do you go about building it? You could, of course, start with an easy one, like user management. But what value would that add? Or, perhaps you'll start with one that suits your mood. But does that add value? Maybe start building a data model diagram...? Aaargh! How to decide?

In our first episode of "Build An App With Corey Haines" (lovingly referred to as BAWCH), we'll discuss just this question: where do we start? We'll talk about the fuzzy idea of "business value" and introduce a technique called Feature Support Diagrams. When finished, FSDs literally have arrows pointing to the feature where you should start. And once we've chosen, we'll begin building. We'll look at creating our first two scenarios using Cucumber, then making them pass using a "Programming by Wishful Thinking" outside-in style of development.

Along the way, we'll discuss a lot of the little decisions around starting, all the while moving forward towards our first usable feature.