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In our last episode, we got the basic skeleton of our first feature done with some dummy data. In this episode, we'll finish our feature "Viewing Running Coderetreats" by pushing our dummy data down into our stack. In the end, our dummy data will disappear, and we'll be left with a complete full-stack implementation, from browser to database. As we finish, we'll see how the use of "Programming by wishful thinking" in the last episode set us up nicely to see exactly what our next steps are.

Along the way, we'll begin our conversation about testing. Of course, testing techniques and strategies will be a point of discussion through the whole series, and this episode begins our dive into a better understanding of the topic. We'll discuss a definition of the difference between test-first and test-driven development, and how these differences affect our strategy.

Fast tests are a big point of discussion these days, so we'll look at a couple initial ways to achieve them in Rails. Just as importantly, we'll spend time talking about the why behind fast tests and try to clear up some common misconceptions about the goals.