Get ready for something very different. This ain't no screen cast. This ain't no talkin' head lecture. This is an Uncle Bob video!

This is like watching Uncle Bob on stage, but more so. This is high-content education that will hold your attention and stimulate your thoughts with its impactful and energetic style.

Indeed, this is a remake of the original, brought up to the standards we've learned after two and a half years!

So hold on to your hats and prepare yourself for a radically different kind of educational experience.

In this video, Uncle Bob shows why Clean Code is so important. He answers the question, does Clean Code matter? And he answers it emphatically in the affirmative! He explains how bad code leads to the downward spiral of The Productivity Trap. He describes the various ways and forms of Code Rot. And he concludes by answering the question, what is Clean Code?

Don't wait! This one is almost a freebie. Its job is to convince you that you, your co-workers, and your managers will want (and need!) to see the rest.

And besides, you don't really want to miss the astronomy lectures, do you?