Woah! Twenty episodes! Wow! That's almost a full 24 hours of video. Who'd have thought that I had 24 hours of stuff to talk about? Who'd have thought that after nearly a full day of talking I'd have so much more to say!

Anyway, in celebration of the 20th episode, we've included a couple of extra features for your enjoyment. We hope you'll like them! We sure had fun making them.

This episode is all about Clean Tests. We begin by examining the anatomy of a test with The Four A's: Arrange, Act, Assert, and Annihilate. We spend a lot of time talking about the various forms of the Arrange.

Next we talk about the problem that setup functions can grow to become unmanageable, and we address that problem by introducing the fascinating topic of hierarchical tests. We show how hierarchical tests are natural in Ruby using Rspec, and how to implement hierarchical tests in C# and Java.

Finally, we put the icing on the cake by showing you how to create truly clean and readable tests by using the technique of test composition.

So, get ready for a dimensionally transcendental experience, as we materialize inside the world of Clean Tests!