Yikes! Another two-parter. These topics just keep getting bigger and bigger.

OK, so what the devil is the Transformation Priority Premise? Well, it's an idea that's kind of at the front lines of Test-Driven Development. The Bleeding Edge, so to speak.

The notion is pretty simple: you know what refactorings are, right? I mean they're small modifications to source code that change the structure of that code without changing the behavior. Well, a transformation is just the opposite: it's a small change to software that changes the behavior, without changing the structure.

Would it surprise you to learn that the number of transformations is relatively small—perhaps only a dozen? Would it also surprise you to learn that these transformations fit neatly into the red-green-refactor loop of TDD? Finally, would you be surprised if I told you that some transformations are better than others?

In this episode we'll identify an even dozen of those transformations. First we'll walk through a familiar Kata (the Prime Factors) and show how a few transformations are used. Then we'll walk through each transformation in turn, and describe them in detail.

That'll take the hour, and will bring part 1 to a close.

In part 2 things get really exciting, because in part 2 we explore the notion that these transformations have an ordering, a priority, that helps developers create better algorithms better code, and better design. But, that's part 2—don't skip this one!