OK, so this is Part 2, and this is where things get really exciting.

I'm sure you've seen me do the Bowling Game, the Prime Factors, and the Word Wrap katas. You know how those algorithms just seem to kind of appear, as though the code was writing itself?

We'll we're going to see that again. But this time we're going to see it in the context of applying transformations using a certain priority. In fact, we'll do it twice, with two different priorities. And then we'll examine the difference.

The difference will be...how do I say this without giving too much away? It will be interesting. Very interesting.

Finally, we'll state the premise. We'll also make the point that it is no more than that. It's not a law, not a principle, not a theory, not even a conclusion: it's just a premise. But if it's even partially correct, it's a premise that could have a significant impact on our profession.

Or not.

Anyway, enjoy the episodes!