And so: we begin our exploration into design patterns.

We begin by talking about the overall concept of design patterns. What are they, and what are they good for?

Next, we do a quick overview of the GOF book, and we'll find out why it is one of the most important books to be written within the last three decades.

Then, we put our heads down and focus tightly on the Command pattern. We learn that the command pattern is a way to decouple what is done from who does it.

Next, we find that it also helps us decouple what is done from when it is done.

Next, we look at Undo and Redo, and how the Command pattern makes these features almost trivial to implement.

Finally, we look at the actor model—a way to support hundreds or even thousands of threads in a memory constrained environment.

So hold on to your GOF because Episode 25: Design Patterns is about to begin!