Where is Uncle Bob? He invited us over for dinner, and we've been waiting and waiting. Where could he be? It's unlike him to be this late.

Wait! What's that sound? Great Heavens! Who is that wretched creature at the door, guzzling our wine like a man bereft of his senses?

Prepare yourself for an interesting journey, a journey through the land of Code Generation and The Visitor Pattern.

In this episode, we conclude the miniseries on the State Machine Compiler. In the last episode we had just finished the parser. In this episode we'll see the Semantic Analyzer, the Optimizer, the Generator, the Abstract Syntax Tree, and the code generating Visitors. And that means we've got a lot of code to look at.

While we are looking it over, we'll take a short diversion into the rationale, and variations of the Visitor Pattern. And we'll also do a quick review of the Composite Pattern.

We'll also see how the discipline of Test Driven Development differs in certain larger projects, from the small Katas and examples that we've seen in the past.

So clear your head, and free your mind. Red pill or blue? It's up to you.