Have you ever wanted to be a business analyst? Well, here's your opportunity to watch a new business analyst learn the ropes. She's new and she's inexperienced, but she'll have some experienced help getting started. In the end, she'll do fine.

In this episode we're going to watch a project get started. From the initial pitch and the mandate from executives, to the conversation between business analysts, programmers, and QA. And we'll learn the dynamics of that conversation.

We'll learn that the qualifications for being a good business analyst and being a good QA technician are similar in many ways, and that they require equal measures of technology and business background.

So, watch carefully as the first acceptance tests are written. Notice how the business analyst makes assumptions about those tests that are corrected by the QA technician and the programmers. Watch as the design of the initial tests take form.

And notice how the business analyst learns that the design of those tests is critically important to the success of the project.