How Agile Goes Wrong

Clean Code, Episode 51

By Robert C. Martin

38 minApr 2018

How does agile go wrong? I know, I know, it's not supposed to go wrong is it? I mean, Agile is perfect right?

Alas, nothing is perfect in this world; and that even included Agile.

So what can go wrong with Agile Software Development? We'll talk about five things:

  • 1: Flaccid Agile: Trying to do agile without technical disciplines.
  • 2: The Invasion of the Project Managers: How Agile got co-opted by well meaning folks; and how that split the Agile community in two.
  • 3: AgileFall: The ever present temptation to do waterfall and say you are doing Agile.
  • 4: Agile Schmagile: The trap of thinking that Agile is nothing but a mindset.
  • 5: Agile in the Large: What? That's a problem? Oh oh.

So charge your phasers and raise your shields because this episode is all about how to do agile wrong.