OK, ok. So this is the episode you've been waiting for. Enough of the silly game programs like Master Mind. Enough of the silly GUI Star Trek games. Now it's time for real enterprise software.


Yeah, that's the ticket! Right.

So, in this episode, Uncle Bob writes a fully functional website in Clojure, using pure functional programming. Oh, yes he does!

But first, he rants about the web in general—because what would one of these episodes be without a good rant?

Then, he goes into the history of the web, and hypertext, and all the stuff that we think of as modern enterprise software. Uh huh.

Then it's on to the Clojure frameworks used in the example: Ring, httpKit, and compojure.

Then we look at the code for the website; more importantly, we look at the architecture of the website.

And then, finally, once we've peered at the glory of a functional website, the truth will come to us at last, when all are one and one is all: that all websites are functional. (Cue final guitar lead)