It's all fun and games until an angry enterprise customer calls demanding new features and expecting them now! Hopefully, a dollop of React UI code and a dash of SOLID principles will get the job done before the weekend arrives.

In another entertaining and informative video, Chris Powers discovers the importance and implications of the "L" in SOLID: the Liskov Substitution Principle. This principle tends to be the most overlooked and misunderstood of the SOLID principles, and it's not immediately clear how it applies to JavaScript. Yet, after some digging, Chris discovers that LSP may just be more meaningful to developers using dynamic languages than to developers using static types!

Along the way, Chris dives into the topic of identifying and managing complexity within our software development process. He uses the Cynefin framework to distinguish between "complicated" and "complex" problem domains—turns out they have dramatically different paths to success! He draws on inspiration from drum circles and orchestras to equip us to apply Agile principles to our ever-changing projects.

Join Chris (and his host of characters) to level up your SOLID skills and to raise the quality bar on your team!