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GO: With Intensity, Episode 9

By Jonathan Oliver & Mike Whatcott

3 minDec 2017

It's just another normal day at SmartyStreets. Jonathan, Founder and CEO, is sitting in their kitchen, eating his bowl of Lucky Charms. Then up walks Mike Whatcott, senior developer and with a problem.

Smarty Streets provide a cloud-based address verification service. If you have a mailing list with a bunch of addresses that you aren't sure of; then you can pump those addresses into the Smarty Streets API, and get back a list of addresses in mailable form, with an indication of whether they are deliverable, vacant, inactive, etc.

Mike's problem is that the field support team need a tool that will take a CSV list of addresses and produce a CSV list of validated addresses.

This video series shows Jonathan and Mike working together, to produce that tool in the `GO`` language.