A craftsman is only as good as his tools… and his ability to use them well.

In this third episode, we take a journey through the iOS developer’s primary toolbox, the Xcode Integrated Development Environment.

From basic code editing, to debugging – both code and the user interface, to source control integration, to application profiling, we leave no stone unturned in the major features that the IDE provides.

We look at the configuration and setup of app projects, both singular projects and workspaces, comprised of multiple projects. We explore the various methods of navigating aspects of projects, from source files and assets to search facilities to compile time and runtime issues to breakpoint management to full Git source control integration.

We do a more advanced exploration of user interface design and the attributes that allow for more visually impressive customizations and dynamic interfaces.

And finally, we expose some hidden gems that improve the experience of working with Xcode and help to avoid some of its pitfalls.