All great constructs, from the tallest buildings to the most beautiful mansions to bridges and dams to the very country you live in, have one thing in common, they are all built on top of a sturdy foundation and a solid infrastructure.

The home you live in, as beautiful as it may be, conceals a network of pipes, wires and ductwork, and connects to electrical, water and sewage systems that extend far beyond your structure.

Likewise, every good app is built on top of a sturdy foundation and a solid infrastructure, that usually connects to the outside world.

The design decisions that go into building a sturdy foundation are a continual theme of this series. This episode focusses on what you need to know to construct a solid infrastructure.

Here, we cover four main topics in that realm: persistence of data, back-end communications, transmission of data between the various components that make up your app, and the delayed execution of code.

From there, you’ll have what you need to take your app from a pretty facade to a functioning, comfortable home that users will be happy living in.