Welcome to the Clean Coders Java Case Study. This is Episode 1.

Over the next weeks and months, Micah and Uncle Bob will re-implement the cleancoders.com website in Java before your very eyes. You'll see them applying all the principles, patterns, and practices that you've been learning in the Clean Code series. But instead of learning about those principles, patterns, and practices, you'll see how they use them in real life.

The first episode is entitled Getting Nothing Done because in this episode they use the first acceptance tests in FitNesse to set up the infrastructure and facilities they need to start getting real stories implemented. They do finish one story, but it's the story of the null case.

So get ready for some fun and education and you watch these two seasoned professionals work together to create a web system in Java.

If you want to follow along with the code, you can find it on Github: https://github.com/cleancoders/CleanCodeCaseStudy