Everything started fine—we had a nice design discussion on the whiteboard about pulling the taffy threads of our application apart. We even got IntelliJ to show us the UML of the design as it existed, so we could compare it to the ideal.

But then, in the transition from UML to code, something happened. I couldn't adjust the speed of my brain properly. My brain was going too fast for the code. And so I started making silly dumb mistakes.

We made some progress in tomato 1, but not as much as we should have because we kept having to backtrack due to my brain overruns.

So we slowed way down in tomato 2 to try to resync my brain with the proper rate of code. And this worked pretty well. By tomato 3 everything was back to normal.

We made some very interesting decisions in this episode: we established a target architecture, we determined the difference between our current design and that target, and we started along a pathway to get from one to the other—and we got our brains going at the right speed.

And, perhaps most importantly, we engaged The Discipline of D. E. (Do Easy).