"Hey Justin, you're something of a mobile app expert nowadays, aren't you?"

"Well, I have built several significant iPhone apps for various clients over the past few years..."

"Do you want to do a video series on the topic?"

"Sure, Dad. That sounds like fun. Actually, I've been learning Swift. Do you want to do the videos using Swift?"

"Swift, eh? Sure, why not. I don't mind learning a new language. We can do TDD right?"

"Yes, the tools support TDD, no problem."

"Great! OK, so let's write a simple Go-Moku app."

"You mean that five-in-a-row game you play on a GO board? That sounds like fun. So what are we trying to teach in this series?"

"Well, I think our focus should be to use the series to teach the following principles:

"OK, so just normal, professional, mobile development. I'm on board. Sounds like a hoot. Let's go!"

The github repository for this series can be found at: https://github.com/unclebob/MACS_GOMOKU