Merry Christmas: 2013. A Tribute to XP.

There is a Christmas card on the front page of our site. It is a tribute to Extreme Programming, and all the people who contributed so much to our industry to make XP a success.

Update: We've taken the card off the front page, but you can still access it at this link.

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Starting today, once you pay for content with a credit card, you have the option to re-use that same credit card in future purchases.

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New Design

Have you checked out our new website? We took your feedback from our UX survey earlier this year, and brought you a fresh new design.

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New Clean Code discussion group

We've recently opened the official Clean Code discussion group, for discussing the Clean Code videos by Uncle Bob.

Have some thoughts, questions, or just want to chat about the Clean Code series by Uncle Bob? Hop on over and join the discussion! You might even see Uncle Bob pop in once in a while.

Easier way to pay!

You've asked for an easier shopping experience and we listened. So starting today, you can pay for your purchase using your credit card instead of a PayPal account! Just click "Checkout" as usual, enter your payment information, and you're done. It's that easy! Happy shopping!

Get the inside scoop in our interview with Corey Haines

Clean Coders: What do you want viewers to get the most out of your videos?

Corey Haines: A main goal of my videos is to take it slow and talk about all the small (and large) decisions that we make while building a full application. By not focusing on "getting it done as quickly as possible," we can take our time to analyze the subtleties and complexities inherent in application development. In our day-to-day lives, we have pressure to finish; after all, that is what most of us are paid for: getting our applications into production. By slowing down, though, we give ourselves the opportunity to practice our craft more effectively.

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Introducing the News section

Hi all you clean coders. We just wanted to let you know that we now have a News page, where you can keep up on what's new here at And if you prefer to use RSS/Atom readers, you can subscribe here.

We'll be posting about the latest and greatest features we're providing to you through our website. We'll also be posting when new releases of codecasts come out. And who knows, maybe you'll even find some exclusive content only available here. So stay tuned, and happy coding!