F# Follies
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8. F# Introduction (Free)
By Robert Martin, Daniel Markham & James Grenning, 8m


Watch Daniel and Uncle Bob discuss F# and introduce the F# Follies.

7. Reboot the IDE
By Robert Martin, Daniel Markham & James Grenning, 1h 8m

You know you are in trouble with the colors don't make sense anymore. Yeah, it's time to reboot the IDE.

It may also be time to reboot this duo of dastardly data processing because they seem to keep circling the drain.

But, there is a light at the end of that drain! Maybe, just maybe...?


6. Bringing Pain to the Process
By Robert Martin, Daniel Markham & James Grenning, 1h 10m

I told Daniel he wasn't going to be pleased with this. So far, my prediction has been pretty reliable. But in this episode things actually start to fall into place. We work through a whole bunch of interesting issues, with the wind at our backs, only to end the episode with a cliffhanger.

5. Flailing & Failing
By Robert Martin, Daniel Markham & James Grenning, 47m

Pipes! Pipes! It's all about the pipes! The pipes twist, the pipes turn, and still the water leaks and splashes, and...

Yeah, you'll get it. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...

But, in the end, progress is made.

4. The Three Laws
By Robert Martin, Daniel Markham & James Grenning, 1h 4m

Yeah, there was this guy once who talked about three laws of something-or-other. In this video he seemed to forget those laws and Curly and Larry had to keep reminding him.

Oh how they struggle, this trio of tragic thaumaturgists! How they wind and wend their way through the hills and valleys of F# and argument parsing. It seems like such an easy task, but—oh, the humanity!

Anyway, there's lot's to learn by watching the tragedy unfold. So grab a hanky and weep along with them as they continue their random walk through the code.

3. GetArgs Begins In Earnest
By Robert Martin, Daniel Markham & James Grenning, 1h 15m

Earnest? Earnest who?

Anyway: "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!" This is the episode where the third member of our intrepid team joins in—James Grenning! Star of the CleanIOT series, world traveler, and instructor extraordinaire!

Hey, you thought the pair was weird...now there are three of us. How much trouble can three blind mice get into?

Well, you're about to see just what kind of bizarre broth three cooks can spoil. But as the strangeness coefficient ratchets up a notch or two, you may also find that lots of lovely bits and snatches of functional program design and F# syntax and semantics mysteriously enter your brain.

So, sit back, watch, laugh, and don't be surprised if you actually learn something too.

2. A Little More Bowling
By Robert Martin & Daniel Markham, 1h

In this video the dynamic duo finish up the Bowling Game kata, and begin on the project that will dominate the rest of the series. It's a project that Daniel really isn't going to like: Command Line Argument Parsing.

How hard could this be? I mean, really?

Well, you're about to see just how hard two aging software developers can make it.

However, during their misadventures, as they stumble over lots of interesting language features and IDE quirks, you might actually find yourself learning a lot about F#.

1. Getting Our F# Feet Wet
By Robert Martin & Daniel Markham, 1h 3m

So Bob and Daniel sit down in Bob's kitchen, and start to fiddle around with F#. Daniel begins with a little lecture about the wonders of F# and functional programming. Then Bob gets all pragmatic and says, "Let's do the Bowling Game Kata."

And then these two old programmers wander and stumble all over the place getting this simple little program to work. They write their tests, and make them pass, using the TDD discipline.

And then: a miracle happened. You learned something.